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When to change your Vacuum Bag?

If you've got a bagged vacuum cleaner then it will lose suction power when the vacuum bag becomes too full. This means the vacuum cleaner will become less effective at collecting dust, dirt and debris from your carpets and floors.

Vacuum Bags

Avoid over-filling the vacuum bag

Knowing the best time to change the vacuum bag can ensure your vacuum cleaner maintains a consistent level of performance. You should never wait for the vacuum bag to be completely full as over-stuffing the vacuum bag will only restrict air flow and diminish pick-up performance.

Change the vacuum bag when it's ¾ full

If your vacuum cleaner has an indicator light, it will prompt you when it's time to change the bag. However, if your vacuum doesn't have this feature you need to check the bag regularly and replace it when it's about ¾ full. Changing a vacuum bag before it's full is better for the vacuum and can help extend the lifespan of the cleaner.

Finding the right Dust Bag for your vacuum

When it comes to buying replacement vacuum bags for your cleaner, there are a few options to consider before you purchase. The first is whether to opt for a genuine replacement or a pattern bag.

Genuine Replacement Vacuum Bags

Genuine vacuum bags are made by the original manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner and are designed to be 'like for like' replacements, specifically developed for your model of vacuum.

Pattern Replacement Vacuum Bags

Our pattern vacuum bags are manufactured to the highest standards to provide comparable quality to the genuine alternative. They are specifically designed to offer fantastic value for money.

You also need to make sure that the vacuum bags are suitable for your model of vacuum cleaner. Our quick finder is the easiest way to find the right vacuum bags for you. Simply enter the make of your vacuum cleaner and the vacuum cleaner model number, which is usually printed on the casing, base or rear of the vacuum. This will show all bags that are compatible with your cleaner.

Please be aware that Vacuum Bags are also known as:

Dust Bags / Paper Bags / Vacuum Cleaner Bags

How to change a Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Vacuum Bags

The following are tips that will apply to the majority of vacuum cleaner models.

  1. Check that the bag needs to be emptied. This is usually when the indicator light comes on or the bag is around ¾ full. How regularly you need to change the bag will depend on how often you vacuum.
  2. Find a suitable replacement bag. Our quick finder is the easiest way to find the vacuum bags that fit your model of vacuum cleaner. Once you've got a replacement, unplug the vacuum from the mains.
  3. Find a suitable place to change the vacuum bag. This should be somewhere that is easy to clean just in case the old bag splits.
  4. Open the compartment housing the vacuum bag and remove the existing bag. There is likely to be a catch, hock or lock to hold the bag in place so this will need to be opened first.
  5. Discard the old bag and replace with the new vacuum bag, take time and care to ensure it is correctly positioned

Don't just replace the Vacuum Bag…

Changing the vacuum bag is the perfect opportunity to give the vacuum cleaner a quick check over and take care of any essential maintenance.

Check the agitator brush

The agitator brush is used to work the dirt and debris out of the carpets. Over time bits of thread and hair can become tangled around the agitator and the brush can become clogged, resulting in the vacuum losing suction power. You may be able to carefully remove the debris to restore the brush; otherwise it will need replacing.

Clean or replace the filter

Make sure all the filters on your vacuum cleaner are cleaned regularly otherwise they can become clogged which results in the vacuum cleaner losing suction. Over time cleaning may no longer be sufficient and the filters will need to be replaced.

Check the drive belt

If your vacuum cleaner is leaving dirt behind and there is no clear obstruction in the hose or blocking the agitator, then it is likely the drive belt has snapped or worn out. Vacuum cleaner drive belts are usually inexpensive but you need to make sure you get the right belt for your vacuum cleaner model.

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