Dr.Beckmann Service-It Power Descaler


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Dr.Beckmann Service-It Power Descaler

Dr.Beckmann Service-It Power Descaler


Genuine consumable

Stock No: 3912820OH

  • Product Description

    The Dr. Beckmann Service-It Power Descaler delivers powerful and effective cleaning, protecting your appliances against breakdowns!

    If your appliance is starting to smell a common cause is a build up of detergent in the drawer, door seal or filter. Your washing machine will be prone to limescale effecting internal parts such as the heating element and the pump. A build up of limescale on your heating element will reduce its working life.

    Grease and limescale build up in hard to see parts of your dishwasher like the filter, spray arms, pipes and drains can cause your dishwasher to run below its best. This descaler has been formulated to surround hard water impurities, removing them with ease from water jets, tubes and pipes. By opening up these blockages, water will circulate through the dishwasher to give your dishes the best possible clean.

    This Power Descaler is a highly effective limescale remover that powers through scale build up, offering protection against future build-up and preventing breakdowns.


    • 2 Treatments - for use on washing machines & dishwashers
    • Working to protect against appliance breakdowns
    • Powerful limescale remover
    • Intensive descaler
    • 2 x As strong as other descalers
    • 2 x 87.5g
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Genuine consumable

Stock No: 3912820OH