Karcher K2-K7 Sandblaster Kit


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Karcher K2-K7 Sandblaster Kit

Karcher K2-K7 Sandblaster Kit


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Genuine spare part

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  • Product Description

    Convert your pressure washer into a sandblaster with the Sandblaster Kit!

    Sandblaster attachments shoot out abrasive material at very high velocity to remove paint, dust and dirt. The Sandblaster Kit from Karcher is suitable for removing old paint or rust, making it ideal for sand blasting or grit blasting.

    How the Sandblaster Works:

    Pressure from your pressure washer is used to propel sand at the object to be blasted. The more pressure means faster travel and a more abrasive action which ensures sand works to force the topcoat off an object, whether it is paint, grease, or rust.

    The Sandblaster Kit uses fine kiln dried sand to remove all manners of stubborn dirt on the wall, concrete floor or a variety of metallic surfaces. It is advised to use a sand which has a grade between 0.4mm and 0.6mm, as anything larger could cause damage or a fault to the attachment or your pressure washer.

    Simple to use - The clear tube runs into a bucket of sand, the sandblaster is then connected to your pressure washer gun and once the trigger has been pressed water jet comes through the sandblaster all while drawing sand out from the bucket.

    Attack rust and paint in an eco-friendly way with the Sandblaster Kit.

    Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.


    • Sand / Wet Blasting Set
    • Used in conjunction with abrasive for removing rust and paint
    • Effectively removes stubborn dirt
    • Includes sand blaster nozzle, clear pipe and safety googles
    • For K2 - K7 pressure washers
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Genuine spare part

Stock No: 2935289OH