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Eliminating standby in our homes is not always easy.

If you're anything like us, crawling around on the floor trying to reach plug sockets you haven't seen in years doesn't really inspire you to do your bit for the environment. It's especially difficult for the elderly and the disabled and let's be honest, who really thinks about turning equipment off at the mains after each use?

Here at OneClick we did some research into wasted power. We discovered that electrical equipment such as computers and televisions and all the devices that are associated with them are commonly left on standby, wasting electricity and contributing to Global Warming.

The IntelliPlugTM and the IntelliPanelTM have been designed to make life easier, they automatically switch your equipment off when it is no longer in use. No more standby - no more wasted power.

These achievements are down to our technological advances, patented technology and a really hard working team who are sticklers for perfection. We can confidently say that we have never sold a product that we haven't been 100% happy with and frankly we're not about to start.

To date OneClick have sold nearly 1 million products and we estimate that together we've saved almost 50 million kilograms of Carbon Dioxide emissions.