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Logic 3 International Ltd. is a division of SpectraVideo plc.SpectraVideo was founded in 1977. In 1983 it began distribution of Video Game and PC Controllers and Accessories. In 1998, the company was incorporated as SpectraVideo plc. Today, SpectraVideo plc is firmly established as one of the worlds largest iPod Accessory and Video Game Accessory companies, with sales of exclusive brands such as Logic 3, ScreenBeat and TopDrive, into over 30 countries, including Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico and the Far East.

The company has in-depth experience in the design, development, manufacturing and supply of iPod, Video Game and PC Speakers and Accessories. In addition to its Distribution skills, SpectraVideo plc have also developed specialized expertise in design, engineering, electronics, plastics and product assembly. Spectravideo, Logic 3 and I-Station proud products are distributed in the US and Canada through EBC Marketing, Inc.

SpectraVideo plc is committed to the iPod, Video and PC gaming industry, and will continue to provide high quality products, under the Logic 3 brand name, at competitive prices. It is continuously studying market demands and changing user requirements, and will develop new and exciting product lines to meet these targets. SpectraVideo is determined to remain one of the dominant providers of iPod, Video and PC gaming accessories within the industry, and the strong image of Logic 3 in the market will continue.